In the summer of 1999, I wrote some music for the feature film The General's Daughter. The soundtrack CD did well, and Russell Ziecker of Milan Records asked if I would write some music for a sequel CD, tentatively titled General's Daughter 2: The Field Recordings. I said “OK,” and started out with the best intentions...but as usual, I traveled off the path into strange territory.

Still, all the new songs do have a strong connection with the earlier music; as in She Began To Lie, they explore cultural and temporal collisions. Appearing here are Thomas Jefferson and his slaves, Christian settlers meeting Native Americans, and Walt Whitman’s dream of America versus its outcome. The music is polyhistorical. -greg hale jones, June 2002

(From the liner notes in the eight-page booklet included with the CD, which is available from Please note that the song "John the Revelator" has been edited to a shorter version and renamed "Transparent as Glass".)


This music combines five early 20th century vocal recordings with new instrumental settings. During the process of structuring the pieces, the voices were digitally altered in pitch and timing; verses were transposed, and some were completely edited out in order to create new meanings (and new ambiguities).

It is my hope that the vein of American mysticism which runs deep in some 17th and 18th century folk music also runs through this short work.

The confluence of African and Caribbean cultures with European cultures in the American south is a landmark in music history. I approach the source material with the greatest respect. It is one of the few touchstones of musical integrity and inspiration currently available. We are all deeply indebted to John and Alan Lomax for their vocal recordings; thanks to them, time is defeated for a moment, and ghostly voices sing again. -greg hale jones

(From the liner notes of the CD available at


In June 2004, Greg completed scoring for a new feature film, my tiny universe,written and directed by Glen Scantlebury and Lucy Philips.

The music beautifully demonstrates Greg's ability to write in numerous styles. This is a richly textured work that combines thematic music interspersed with striking jazz and percussion elements. Greg made several of the percussion instruments from found items for this soundtrack.

This CD includes five tracks (totaling 17 minutes) from key scenes and is available at

And don't miss the Singles: Alone on the Island, Keys to the Kingdom, and Trouble No More. There are plans to release two more singles.

Individual mp3s for all CDs are also available at iTunes and


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